"Together we can make a difference"

Mission Statement

"A New York based political action committee dedicated to supporting candidates and policy initiatives in furtherance of the goals of equality, justice, and diversity in the economic sphere of society as well as other areas of civic life."


Americans for Economic Justice is a 527a political action committee, registered both, with the New York State, and New York City Board of Elections. Birthed from the struggle for fair wages, equality of opportunity in the workforce for people of color and women, and other social issues within the context of economic policy. This PAC is a grassroots organization; a "PAC for the people."

AEJ PAC strives to support elected officials, those aspiring to elected office, policies, causes, and legislation that serves to facilitate a more just and equitable economic environment. This support often comes in the form of independent expenditures during election cycles, but also in galvanizing our base of supporters to push for change in accordance with our mission.

Ultimately, this is an organization that is looking to promote and support those who share the passion of bringing forth more opportunities for the disenfranchised, the dispossessed, those who are forgotten and cast aside to the margins of society. This is a narrative that we firmly believe in. If you do too, then you're in the right place.