"Together we can make a difference"

AEJ supports a multitude of issues that revolve around facilitating economic opportunities for the underserved and the socially marginalized.

By "opportunities," we stress that we generally favor policies, and initiatives via legislation and movements, that help to foment a more egalitarian socioeconomic landscape where anyone, regardless of their race, creed, sexuality, or class status, can have the chance to partake in the American Dream.

Fundamentally, we strive to eradicate institutional racism and classism in the economic sphere that conspires to prevent people from taking advantage of existing--and potential--opportunities.

Some policies, legislation, and movements that we support are:

● Paycheck Fairness Act--equal pay for women in the workplace
● Affordable Care Act, more popularly referred to as "Obamacare"
● Progressive taxation
● Restoration of unemployment insurance
● Expansion of public works initiative at the federal, state, and municipal levels
● Wall Street reform, and comprehensive reform of the global financial framework
● Lobbying and campaign finance reform
● Promoting and cultivating "in-sourcing" to enliven the manufacturing industry in the United States
● Increasing the federal minimum wage and pegging it to the cost of living index
● Rendering hiring practices more transparent